Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In Touch With Cream And Blue


Yesterday, I went to visit Creamsicle and Blue. It was the first time I ever touched them. They were so scared and my heart felt sad, but I'm assured they will come around. The care they are being given is fantastic.

Would you mind sending up a few prayers and requests that a loving person with patience and understanding will come along to give them a safe and happy home? If you live in Buffalo, would you mind paying them a visit a the SPCA shelter at Eastern Hills Mall and letting them know in person they are loved? Thanks from me to you. xo


  1. Prayer going up here. They look good, Graciel. I hope they can find a home soon.

  2. I am sure they will come around! We rescued 2 kittens that were about 8 months old when we were able to trap them. Piper is still with us (along with one of her kittens :) and she has come so far! She used to hide in the crawl space of our basement and now she lets us pet her-they definately come around with love-sending lots of light to them!

  3. beauties! I am sending lots of hugs and good thoughts for them.

  4. Looking good boys! A new home is just around the corner, the angels won't let you down! They are set up to be adopted together right?

  5. Oh they are so beautiful and look so happy to be together - Yay!

  6. Anonymous6/30/2010

    On 6.28 I paid a visit to the guys. Blue is uniquely beautiful with interesting pale markings, and was very relaxed. Creme was cautious, vigilant, and depended on Blue for protection, yet, Cream was the one that made constant eye contact with me and listened closely to my soft comforting words. Yes, for Cream's sake, they should be adopted together. Hope it is soon! I had told some cat friends of mine; made a small donation; am doing what I can.


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