Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A Message From A Friend

This picture and this note appeared in my email today. Sent by my dear friend, Mr. E. Such sage advise from the woodpecker family must be passed on. If her message resonates, I invite you to join me in doing what makes you most happy.

"I was awakened today by an odd sound I haven't heard in a very very long time. It took me 3 tries to get it right. At first I thought of a tree frog singing its nightly song, but then I remembered that we don't have Arctic frogs here. I soon realized that it was Your Friend outside my window. I actually see her nearly every day. She is very friendly and doesn't mind me coming closer to watch, or all the birds fluttering around her. She is in her own little world, going about her business oblivious to the rest of the world.

For whatever reason, she wanted me to tell you that you should do the same.

Do what makes you happy and don't be distracted by those around you. "


  1. Hi there! Thank you very much for the birthday greeting you left on my bloggy' home a few days back.

    This post is very apt for what I did today.For the first time ever, I have actually enrolled myself in a yoga class and attended my first session this morning.

    On the walk there I came across a whole lot of other neighbors looking all responsibly important on their way to work. It felt good knowing that I was doing my own thing this morning and not rushing for something.

    Yes, it did seem like I was "in my own little world and I must admit..I like this world of mine :)

    Thank you for another inspiring post.

  2. ahhhhhhhh...



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