Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Field Of Happiness

There is no happiness but that which I create for myself. There is no happiness that some one can bring to me that will last. I must lay happiness down at my own feet. I must embed it in my own heart. I must build that foundation for myself. If it is not built with my own toil and blood and beautiful thoughts, it is merely a foundation of shifting sand, sure to turn quick or blow grit in my eyes. Happiness is the work and the making and the choice of my own.

Having forgotten this wisdom, I find myself in an empty field, late winter snowflakes showering down. It is not where I thought I would be. It is not what I thought I asked for, wished for, or visualized. But here I am. Less than warm, empty hands, blue mist shrouding my brain.

And so, I have a choice. Remain suspended and cold, or look closely at the beauty of the field I stand in. Stop looking beyond or behind this field and see where my feet are standing now. Lay happiness down in the snow-covered grass. Take my empty hands and press them together over my heart. Embed love and prayers. For me. I have the choice to stand in my field, dissolving blue mist and snow with beautiful thoughts, with happy thoughts, knowing spring will come.


  1. What you write is so very true. The older I get the more I realize it is a choice to be happy.

    Spring always comes. Sometimes a bit later in the year than normal but it always arrives.

  2. We can't control our circumstances, only our response to them. "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass ... It's about learning to dance in the rain." Or laying down happiness in snow-covered grass.

  3. spring is coming....:)

    (massive cuddly hugs)

  4. A grain of wheat falls to the seemingly barren ground. It waits, cold...unsheltered from the brazen winds that seek to rip its protective shell. That grain of wheat is brave, unwavering in its steadfastness for life. For inside that tiny little grain is the belief that the sun will come to warm its heart with its loving rays in the days to come. It believes that it will bloom...become strong, viable...and happy.

    Turn your face to the sun and feel it's warmth. Become ready for the harvest, for you are to grow strong like that grain of wheat. Believe...and it shall be.

  5. Anonymous3/18/2008

    "You gave me back the paradise
    That I thought I lost for good
    You helped me find the reasons why
    It took me by surprise that you understood
    You knew all along
    What I never wanted to say
    Until I learned to love myself
    I was never ever lovin' anybody else"

    Secret by Madonna (1994)

    She said better what I wanted to say to you today ... hope we'll talk soon, I have a birthday and Easter to get through, then things should be calming down here.

  6. I keep coming back to read this. Today, this post is even more meaningful to me because of recent events in my life. Perhaps I have been looking for happiness once again through other people.Sigh.


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