Saturday, March 08, 2008

International Women's Day

Have no doubt. Have no fear. You are exactly where you are meant to be. Right now. You are the energy of Love made manifest. Exactly where you are is where your love is needed most. When your love is needed elsewhere, you will move to that space. Body, mind, heart or soul. But right now, your love, your goodness, is best served up in the company you are keeping and the places you occupy.
If you feel stuck, if you have doubts, if fear is a silent companion, serve up your love and your goodness to yourself. Right where you are. Dare to put yourself first in the company you keep and the places you occupy. Dare to fill your own well before you attend to anyone else's. Fill it with creativity or a neglected book or a walk in the park. Fill it with tea and silence. Fill it friends and flea markets. Fill it with whatever brings you joy.
A woman filled with joy, a woman who serves up love to herself first, is a woman in charge. Of herself, of her dreams, of her life. A woman in charge is a powerful force for good. A woman in charge is able to offer her love and wisdom where God has planted her. She is also able to know clearly when she needs to pull up her roots and plant herself in new earth.
No doubts. No fears. The road is clear. Put yourself first. Love yourself first. Fill your well to overflowing and let the joy you create lift the company you keep and the places you occupy. Let it lift your dreams until they become your life.


  1. Anonymous3/09/2008

    thank you for those dd has just come out of an abusive relationship today that took guts and courage, off course she is v low so I'm printing out these words here and giving them to her to read. Thank you again...right words at the right time. I'm grateful.

  2. you make beautiful and inspiring things. thank you

  3. This post is exactly what I needed to read. Thanks for reminding me that loving myself is key to living life to the fullest & being truly happy.

    I'm putting a link to your journal in my own blog!

  4. What incredible, honest truth in those words. "You are exactly where you are meant to be." That used to be hard for me to know, until I practiced and practiced and finally I now am free of (most) doubts about where I should be. "Where am I? Right here. What time is it? Right now." (from Peaceful Warrior)

    Thank you for the beauty and truth in your words.


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