Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Birth and Movement

Nature called to me and said, "Daughter, come into the snow and let me tell you of spring". I followed the voice of my abiding Mother, for she alone has the power to smote shadows from my heart. She led me to the horse farm in the middle of town and showed me the birth of power. There I found, to my utter joy, a pint-sized Arabian horse, newly born and scampering beside its mother. Nature said to me, "A new journey awaits you. One that brings freedom and power and contentment. See the great spirit inside that little horse. Kick up your heels and free your own spirit".
From the farm I was led to the swamp. Wings were everywhere. Wave after wave of migrating Canada geese flew over me. Strings and ragged Vs of feathers flecked the sky. Thousands and thousands of honking birds, each announcing itself, came to rest in a field of last year's corn. It was a joyful noise. Nature said to me,"You are about to break free of old childhood restraints and begin to come into your own. Be open. Look to new possibilities. The next spiritual quest is upon you. Ready your wings for migration".
From the swamp I was led to a barn. The wood was old and the roof was gone, but it served as the backdrop to an aerial mating dance. More sure than the sighting of a robin, the return of the turkey vulture is the true harbinger of spring. And so they danced on air, swirling around each other, wings wide open. Nature said to me, "The vulture is more than it appears to be, and so are you. The shadows over your heart were temporary and necessary for a higher purpose has been at work. Welcome rebirth and ready yourself to join the dance".
Nature said to me,"Daughter, do not look at the crusted snow. It's time is passing quickly. Birth and movement is all around you. Your spring is already here".
{ The first 3 photos are mine, taken with my low budget, no-telephoto-lens camera. The vulture photo is a stock image.}


  1. Anonymous3/25/2008

    I love turkey vultures!Last Spring, one of the greatest treats I've ever had was watching a mother vulture goading her 3 "chicks" (each about 12" long, but still fuzzy like ducklings) to fly from a picnic table to a light pole. This week, I've been watching other vultures (maybe those 3 grown up) work on a horrifying corpse of some mammal which crawled to the shore from the nearby lake and died (a nutria, maybe). The vultures are as beautiful as the sunflowers getting ready to unfold: life goesonandonandonandon...

  2. Your writing touches my heart. I deeply appreciate that you share these thoughts & inspirations. The other day I was reading something about Celtic Wisdom and came across the term Anamchara which was described as a 'soul friend', a person who provides others with coaching, support, & guidance as they progress along their spiritual path. I immediately thought of your journal. Thanks for being an anamchara, a light bearer for the universe :)


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