Sunday, September 30, 2007


I have a dream. It lives in the colors of my aura and the cells of my blood. It is the deepest calling of my soul. It is a dream that flows to my conscious awareness now and then to remind me its presence lives within me. To remind me it is waiting to be born. To remind me that faith and trust and love of self are the corner-stones of its manifestation. My dream, my cell-deep, soul-deep dream is to offer Sanctuary.

My Soul Sanctuary, which will belong, in the larger sense, to any and all who come, will be a place of calm and peace and healing for those who are experiencing a transformation in their lives. For those in need of healing from wounds of all levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. For those who need to recover or uncover their truth and purpose in life.
Because Nature is a critical element in the healing process of any and all ills, my Soul Sanctuary will be nestled amongst trees and meadows and fingers crossed~ a large pond. The animal barn will be well stocked with fur and soft eyes and eager tongues ready to offer the brand of healing only unconditional creatures of God can offer. Arabian horses, feisty ponies, cats and dogs and pygmy goats and Sanctuary Ambassador, Rosebud the black sheep.
There will be little out-buildings scattered throughout the Sanctuary, ready to accept those who need solitude, contemplation or healing for an hour, a day or a week. Some little sacred spaces will offer comfort for those of a particular faith, some will offer comfort with non-secular themes. A central building will offer the opportunity for community. Classes and council and occasions for joy will be served up on a regular basis.
I can see my dream so clearly because I can see the need for healing humanity so clearly. Those who actively seek to be healed from the invisible wounds of Life have few safe places to go. I dream of building at least one safe and sacred place to facilitate the recovery of hope and trust and love in an individual's soul. Because the healing of our planet and the balancing of our human race will happen one person at a time. One soul at a time. Until a critical mass of healed humans is reached and our planet becomes a Living Sanctuary.


  1. Mmmmm..... I'll take a room for one please.

  2. Anonymous9/30/2007

    Hi SF-G,

    Beautiful writing as always. I love the idea of a healing place.

    All the progress I made, I have lost. I'm letting something win, the demons or the bad parts of me maybe. Say a prayer for me. Maybe they have all been right, and I am not one to be kissed upon the eyes.

    Hope you are well.

  3. No, no, no. You are not losing, my beloved Polliwog. You are the mush in the cocoon that is working its way to freedom with wings. I will build the Sanctuary for YOU!

  4. A good friend (one of the Three referred to before) gave me a little card this morning that she had made. It read: "David..In your woundedness is your witness."

    That is what sanctuary, I think, is about: an invitation to relax in the presence of someone who really does have some idea of how 'it' hurts, and to let God, the trees, and birds do the rest in a place of safety and quiet.

    I know you've already built such a place for people, Graciel. To paraphrase Ralph Waldo Emerson, 'now put a foundation under it.'

    Blessings! David

  5. In my youth I have been swayed to think that a sanctuary of this kind exists only when one has died. That all life as we walk in this physical earth is ribbon wrapped in and out..up and down and around..

    Suffering is the only state of life...

    When I grew up a little bit (which happened about three years ago) I slowly learned that a large percent of this suffering they speak of is self induced...thinking that we are us and they are them particularly carried the heaviest weight of all...

    I,along with a whole lot of others , lived much of our days accepting how noble it is to live suffering..and we shall all be glorified someday..(if we win the race)and be rewarded with a bliss only attainable apart from this body...It is called heaven..

    I do not doubt that there is such a place...I do not believe though it is a someday phenomenon to experience...everyday is a living you said the honest and non judgmental acceptance of a finding scared spaces within nature...

    but oh' how beautiful your dream of a sanctuary is...I wish..somehow..that dream would reach me waaay out here...

  6. A lady after my own heart. We tend to think of ourselves as 'bodies' when they are not, our physical state is merely a carrier - we can do so much more with our spirits, our soul and our emotions.
    You're a wonderful discovery GracieL.


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