Thursday, January 24, 2013

the winter

there is nothing to do but trust. yet even that protective mantle is shrugged to the ground in not an uncaring way. it is just too much to contemplate~ the holding a space of peace in the heart-chamber, the knowing all will be well at the end of the day, the season, the odyssey. you must experience the winter, he said to me. and i cannot argue. for none of these cold experiences did i knowingly call to me and yet they happened, are happening and they will define the way i see stars and press my lips to yours.

the snowbound deep stillness calls up a light i have never seen before.


  1. you must experience the winter just took away my words. so true and so hard and warmth feels so far away. it will come, though. it will come.


  2. ...and they will define the way i see stars and press my lips to yours.

    It is an interesting thing to live through, & to live into, these deep life losses that eventually (in my experience, anyway) become so interior & so sacred that they are rarely spoken of. And yet they do define a new latitude and longitude of every single moment.
    Thank you for bringing words to this.


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