Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013 magic {2}

the skies are mostly empty. no sparrow, no starling, nothing terribly common arcing under grey, laden clouds. except crows. everyday, the crows.

they are the messengers and the omens in this time of roiling stasis. they are never alone, traveling as they do in families and murders, pulling up the light with their wing beats heading east and drawing down the cloak of deepest grey in the rush to the roost.

they are masters at riding the wind. they command it and play in its vestments.

they portend change and manifestation. they are full potential in the yet-to-be-formed. they adapt, they communicate, they work together. they are the maps to ordinary magic.

for now, i watch.

riding the wind may come.

it is enough to know,
 as they tell me,
i am never alone.


  1. so often, and i apologize for this, i read your words and their truth and beauty cause me to step away for moment, to think, and to come back when my heart is ready.

    pulling up the light with their wingbeats . . . in the rush to the roost just touched me. home. wind. change and magic. riding the wind may indeed come. i think the crows would tell you you will know when that right wind comes along. until then, watch. heal. grow new feathers.


  2. I like to think that we are close enough that some of the same birds cross both our skies. So no, never alone. xoxo


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