Sunday, October 09, 2011

Ready Or Not

I remember the time I knew everything. It was such a short time, that brief blip in history, when I understood and I could explain. But then age advanced; more chemicals laced my hair, collagen began collapsing and people I knew started dying. It was when the dying began that I understood I knew practically nothing at all.

Today, I learn of the passing of a good, good man. He celebrated his 54th birthday and died, unexpectedly, the very next day. Platitudes masked as well meaning wisdom haven't a place in this scene. In fact, there is nothing to say. The wisdom, if there is any, lies in the honoring of emotions and a deep and abiding inventory of what there is to be grateful for. There is also the vow to use whatever wisdom I think I may have to get on with it. To unfurl. To bloom as big as I can, ready or not.


  1. Anonymous10/09/2011

    I am so sorry about your friend. Blooming yourself as big as you can is a beautiful way to honor his life. Which meant just as much as a life LONG lived. That is the part I had to work hard to understand when our friend died at 56. you, his death made me really think about how small I was keeping myself. Soon after was when my dance training (re)started and I got this beautiful life back.

    I wait with much anticipation to see how YOU bloom...

  2. Nothing can go against the rule of the Nature, cherish what we've already had and love those beside us are all we can do to make our life more meaningful......

  3. I'm sOrry for your loss G.
    I read a Joseph Campbell quote today that I just love, "we must abandon the life we had planned, in order to enjoy the life we've been given."
    54 is just too young.

  4. Anonymous10/10/2011

    So sorry to hear of your loss. The mere fact that you are being with your grief and acknowledging how little we all know shows how much you actually do know. Lots of light and love to you

  5. I am so sorry for your loss, and you are exactly right. I heard a short story on NPR about 15 years ago, that ended with this line "The more time you spend with the dead, the less you have to say."
    I have found that to be true.
    Just bloom.

  6. Oh Graciel, I am so sorry. And you are so right, we know so little. Blooming and breathing and being, that is all we can do. And gratitude is the grace that gets us through.
    Sending hugs to you.

  7. Sending you my thoughts and prayers during this time of loss.
    Also want to say I received my
    summer & fall issues of The Soul in Bloom. Such beautiful words, so filled with love. Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us.
    Here's to your future blooming...


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