Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Art in the Yellow Woods

the real art, the yellow art,
was not made by the hands of man.


  1. The owner is so creative and he/she must love life much or he/she wouldn't be so patient to make such designs. Am i right?

  2. Lovely pictures, Graciel. The man made art does make a lovely frame for the real art, though, doesn't it. :)

    It shows how the real art can be viewed from a lot of different perspectives too.

  3. I love seeing artwork nestled in the woods . . . I'd love to create an art/nature trail in our backyard but need to generate some ideas first.

  4. thanks for sharing and pointing it out. Just what my heart needed some pure nature. I'm not an art girl. So to me it's funny finding these in the woods.
    Be well my friend soft hugs Dagmar

  5. agreed. momma nature has the best paintbrush.


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