Thursday, August 04, 2011

making hay

it's been a month of fascination with hay.
from the tractors to the wagons,
to the fields and the barns,
i haven't been able to turn away.

 and i haven't known why.

surely there's a message in the adage
"make hay while the sun shines".

the sun has shone, hot and dry, 
and the hay season has lingered,
long and bountiful. 

then today, i understand.

the next bad news about my mother's 
journey with cancer came in the
middle of hay season.

the bad news caused us to
make a list of wishes and
  plan how to make them come true~

while our season of fields
and bountiful dreams
still shine in the lingering sun.


  1. Anonymous8/04/2011

    this was beautiful!

  2. hay is peaceful, orderly, seems to say things go on as normal, even when they're not. make your wishes & plans - the sun is still in the sky.


  3. yes, i love this, you brought me back to the day george died, I took a long walk around the block and took lots of pictures of the same rolls of hay without knowing why.
    keeping you and your mother in my thoughts, my heart, and yes, keep planning those plans and those wishes.

  4. Hugs to you, Graciel. Here's hoping all those wishes and plans come true.

  5. Oh. {{hugs}} of love, peace and comfort to you and your mom Dear Kindred.

    (LOVE the hay photos!)



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