Wednesday, August 10, 2011

52 Photos Project~ August 10th

Because they were just a little bit creepy,
those disembodied heads on tin foil
at Lieselotte's Puppenstubchen.

The reflection was a wonderful bonus.

May, 2011~ Husum, Germany

For Bella's weekly prompt


  1. Ha! That was my first thought when the photo came up on the screen. My mom used to collect dolls and they always freaked me out, all those staring eyes....

  2. I was looking more at the bodies and it reminded me of a time not to long ago when I worked with headless bodies. Mannequins they were called and we would put clothes on them to see how they would look. I wish I had one of those headless bodies now.

  3. yep...I loves me some random dollheads...and such synchronicity to find reflection here! Love this is so many ways!

  4. The reflection really is great! I don't know.. I can't make myself like creepy looking vintage dolls. I have a friend on flickr that photographs them in a series of funny situations.
    Great pic, Graciel.

  5. i inherited an antique doll's head from my mom and it still resides in the back floorboard of my jeep, where i can't see it, but i know the thing is staring at me. :) just a bit creepy and yet i can't bring myself to give it away.

    this is a wonderful shot.


  6. Very, very wild - makes you pause for a minute!


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