Monday, February 07, 2011

while snow is still on the ground

let's be honest. winter and its deep lathering of grey days is wearing us down. there are hours when the monochromatic landscape bites the edges of our hearts. we feel sad. agitated. exhausted. it feels like everything takes twice as much effort.

and it does.

we need sunshine and hope and enthusiasm, despite the contemplative nature of the season at hand.

we need to be that sunshine for each other.

if we can muster it, let's do our best to smile more and offer words of encouragement where ever we notice luster is lacking.  let's let the people around us know we care. let's ask for help if we need it.

let's lift ourselves headlong into spring while snow is still on the ground.

we can do it.



  1. Wonderful sentiment, Graciel. This time of year always drags me down. Winter seems to last so long. I like your idea of letting others know you care. We can't have too much of that. Sending sunshine thoughts your way. :)

  2. yes. it has been a long grey time. but we can be there for each other, offer bits of color and sunshine. lets.

  3. I agree...this winter season
    has been hard! I've been
    dreaming of warmer, sunnier
    days...hopefully, they are
    here soon!

  4. Yes! I couldn't have said it better. :-)


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