Thursday, February 17, 2011

a little fresh air

not everything that has seen better days
has run its course.

sometimes a little space,
a little fresh air,
and a different way
of looking at the roots of the matter
offer just the right formula to
bring in some color
and allow new chances to bloom.


  1. Hi there dearest. How's life across the big blue pond? Guess you need a little more sunshine and make all the new things bloom, as in a little good year by the rabbit, a new phone, gosh you made me laugh here (for a moment I thought you got it from your grandmother and saved it as a reminder of her....giggles here, it was really until a couple of days ago yours), and may the snow dissapear into spring and new born buds....can't wait eighter.
    Happy day's my friend.
    Soft hugs Dagmar

  2. just

  3. Spoken like a true gardener of life! We can learn so much from our plants about life and how best to live it!
    Have a wonderful day and I love the photos, they speak to the heart...
    Tina xo

  4. oh so gorgeous! it glows!!

  5. yes. you reminded me of "all that is gold does not glitter," etc... "deep roots are not touched by the frost."
    i felt that yesterday, a two hour walk, so good to be outside, a different way of looking at the world.
    soon, it will be Spring.

  6. What wonderful words! Ahhh, a real breath of fresh air! Lovely!! xxxxxx

  7. Lovely! Note: I have posted my February house today. Come by for a visit.


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