Sunday, September 07, 2008


This is my success. My triumph. My larger-than-life moment. On a quiet Sunday morning of rose petal tea, wet hair and blooming violets, I am flooded with this notion~ I am loved.
Yes, good God, yes, these simple 3 words are the definition of my success. My life-thus-far story of success. Not accomplished artist. Not floral designer beautifying the world. Not entrepreneur, land owner, holder of patents that change lives for the better. Not #32 on the list of wealthiest people. Not best selling author. Not Queen. No, my bowl-me-over, how-did-I-not-see-this-before story of success is I am loved. For who I am. By marvelous, beautiful people.
The dawning of this notion happened last night, a night of sharing dinner and laughter and good conversation with my spiritual tribe. I was the last one to arrive, but the welcome I received was soul-warming. It was this gathering, this embrace, that tipped the scales and cracked open my brain to the understanding I need no other success than to be loved. Because I am aware that to be loved requires that I must first be giving it out. I must be the originator of the flow of this most powerful energy, and then I must be brave enough, and self confident enough to receive it. Love is so simple, yet it requires fearlessness to offer it out and allow it back in. Smack me on the forehead, I am fearless. And I just figured this out.
How amazing. How beautiful. What a splendid relief. I am a success in this life. My life. Because I am loved. By friends, by family, by one significant man in this world. If you give love and you know how to open your heart to receive it, then Darling, you are a success too.


  1. When all is said and done, being loved is really the only thing that matters in our lives. What better measure of success than knowing you are loved and have loved others. Love is what life is all about. Have a good week, Graciel. :)

  2. How I wish I could say this about myself just now. I'm afraid the argument I had with my 18 year old son has made me think less of who I am. Perhaps I do not give it enough...this love. I am trying to figure it out. Are there some walls I have created that have yet to come down? Am I still frightened and fearful...

    I think these are some of the most important questions I have to honestly answer. Your writing has confronted me and now I too, must become as fearless as you.


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