Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Looking For Inspiration

I'm feeling restless. I'm looking for inspiration. Something within wants to come out, but the moment has not quite arrived. While I'm waiting and wondering and trying not to wallow, I'm asking the Universe to spark my imagination and drop big, fat clues in my path. 3 sparks arrived in my mailbox, each one ripe with beauty and clues and impetus to nudge me closer to that birthing moment.
2 sparks came from women in California. Both artists and philosophers. Both amazingly brave and talented. Both new authors. Kelly Rae Roberts and Christine Mason Miller have blogs I follow and learn from. When they each announced their intention and then the completion of their quest to write a book, each filled to brimming with personal art and gifted philosophy, I had to order my own copies. When they both arrived last week, it felt like a sacred message dropped at my feet. Enjoy, learn, absorb. Cherish and respect the personal truths and beauty each woman sent out into the world. Most importantly, understand their bravery and gumption gives me inspiration and permission to dream that same dream for myself.
The 3rd spark came from a woman just over the border from me in Canada. Gillian da Silva also writes a blog I follow. On her blog, she held a contest to win a free copy of one of her photographs. I won. And my spoils arrived last week with the other 2 sparks. I chose a photo of the red Moroccan slippers I own and I couldn't be more pleased. Gillian's clue for me was to remember to be generous with my abilities and my art. To spread the love through my art.
As extra bonuses and inspiration, each woman sent a piece of their talent to me. One print and 2 original collages. How lucky am I? How amazing is the Universe? Ask and ye shall receive. Sparks and clues to birth the next phase in my life? They're arriving. And I continue asking for more. Eventually, the moment will come when I no longer feel restless and clueless about the next great adventure in my life. Through inspiration and confident action the next dream will be born.


  1. Oh thank goodness you are getting the messages. I am hoping you continue on and find what you are looking for.
    Myself, I'm going through a dry spiritual spell, feeling unguided and unhappy...in general just feeling blah. I need something to look forward to!
    I am going to look into those blogs you recommend missy...thank you so much for pointing the way for me too. It's nice that you considered me an inspiration in some way.
    I must ask for help too...maybe I'll get it!!!
    Love you!

  2. Inspiration can come from all sorts of places, Graciel. I'm glad that you are finding it. You seem like a very inspired person anyway without outside influences though. You seem to be bubbling up from within with it like a fountain to me. I always feel inspired after visiting your site here. Have a wonderful Monday, my dear.

  3. your luminous heart attracts beautiful
    gifts to you:)

    thinking of you today~ wondering
    if you shall be traveling

    i am longing for india:)


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