Tuesday, September 02, 2008

New Wings

What a miracle. What a marvel. What a message. Behold the cicada. New body, new eyes, new kelly-green transparent wings. I discovered it in my backyard, freshly emerged from the shell of its old life. It was clinging to the remains of its former self, waiting patiently for its new wings to gain strength. Eventually, its wings would dry and give lift to its new life.
Do I even need to spell out the message? The one about being ready to take flight into the newness of a life we have imagined and worked for, but still feeling a tiny bit unsure of the unknown and needing to hold fast to a part of our old lives...for the moment?
Evolution takes time. New lives, new endeavors, new relationships or new territory in established relationships, morph slowly, but purposefully. All we need to do is hold on, attend to the needs of the moment and trust. Trust our new wings will firm up. Trust our instincts are spot-on. Trust the higher part of ourselves, unfailingly connected to The Creative Force, will know right timing and can read maps.
And let's relax. The cicada was not there the next day. Both the old shell and the new wings had disappeared. I searched the grass beneath the tree and found no evidence of the former life. But high above me, where only wings could reach, came the loud, shrill whirring song of the newly reborn cicada. In that song, the message came, "and so shall it be with you".


  1. Anonymous9/02/2008

    Cicadas drag words from me every spring and summer. Here are some of them from last June:

    More Cicada Songs

    I come back again to cicada songs;
    rather, they come back to me.
    It’s June, after all, and their glassine wings are exploding
    from winter-fat bodies as they prepare
    their virgin flight plans.
    They are singing a one-note, one-sided duet,
    and hoping in the vibrating urgings of their ganglia
    to find a melody.

    I hope to hear the symphonies of their success,
    next year, too.
    Perhaps I should also be singing along with them

    6 27 08

  2. Having faith and patience and knowing that things happen for a reason has helped me more times than I can count when going through difficult times and when experiencing change in my life. The cicada has an excellent lesson to teach us indeed. Wonderful post, Graciel. :)


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