Monday, August 18, 2008

We Have The Answers

I've been thinking. Pondering. Testing a theory. The theory is this: what we need to better our lives is right in front of us. The keys to solving riddles, moving forward, overcoming adversity and embracing more bliss exist within the life we are leading today. The key, the information, the piece to the puzzle can usually be found in our homes, in our relations, in the routes we travel on a regular basis.
The Universe at large, through God-orchestrated synchronicity, provides everything we need and works mightily to get us to notice the simple answers to all our concerns and questions. Hints are dropped, words are spoken in passing, something suddenly catches our eye. In reality, our questions are answered before we can even ask them. But we're so busy living our frantic lives, when panic and conundrums and concerns come up, we claim to be lost and unsure and very confused as to how to solve the riddle.
If we sit with the concern and the riddle for a time, the Universe will gladly remind of us something our friend said 3 weeks ago that applies to the concern of the day. Or lead us to the magazine pile that reveals the information to ramp up our happiness. Or we simply become aware of our craving for fresh fruit. In most cases, the route to betterment is mapped out before us. In most cases, we choose to stick to the route that continues to enable our helplessness.
So, it all comes down to choice and free will. We're not stupid. Mostly we're lazy and afraid. Afraid to make the changes the Universe has clearly mapped out with a flourish of gold ink that says, "Do this and your life will be better. Way better." But we piss and moan about how hard it all is, how unfair it all is, how the effort seems too much to ask. And we become more afraid.
Let's choose to look carefully at the lives we lead, the homes we live in, the social connections we have. Our entire mundane lives are set up by Forces more clever than we to support our highest and best. We have the answers. If it is not a complete answer, we have, at the very least, a perfect starting point. Let's choose to look around our known worlds and help ourselves in simple and direct ways. Let's make the effort and choose the changes that bring more bliss.


  1. I think if the answers are not in front of us right now, then through the mystery of synchronicity, they soon will be.

    I wanted to let you know that I'm passing on the Brillante Weblog Premio 2008 award to you as one of my five recipients. You do an amazing job here and I wanted to recognize you for that!

    If you wish, you may get the details and the image to download here:

  2. I abosloutley trasure your photos & blog. keep it up :)

    you will definately recieve a blog award from me one day! :D

    take care & hope to hear from you,
    Monika ♥

    p.s want to exchange links?

  3. Thank you for another thoughtful and timely blog post. Wisdom emanates from your fingertips. Lessons are always being taught, and class is always in session. Pay attention, and you will find everything you need, just when you most need it. The lessons aren't always what we want to hear, but they are always what we need to hear.

  4. Very well said, Graciel. We need to just stop and listen. The answers are there if we can pause our busy lives long enough to recognize them. Thank you for the reminder. Coming here to your blog is one thing that I do that adds joy to my life. :)

    I hope you have a wonderful day.

  5. I agree with you about choosing wisely.


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