Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Reclamation

I am being reminded I need improvement in the areas of nurturing, nourishment and love. Towards myself. Physical discomfort and longing for activities I weaned from my life have stirred my brain into wakefulness. I have put too much of myself aside and it is time to get my priorities straight. It is time to reclaim the dreamer, the daughter of nature, the balanced and happy girl.
Boundaries have been playing a heightened role in the reclamation of myself. The needs of others, the opinions of others, the well-meaning-but-not advice and reprimands have worn me down. Now, my hand, palm facing forward, goes up rather quickly. If anyone wishes to take from me without giving back, or not even attempt to understand my needs and concerns, my friendly demeanor turns just sharp enough to stop the trespass.
In order to balance myself and declare, "I love my life!", some boundaries need to come down, and some need to go up. I'm discerning which is which. Where have I exhausted myself needlessly with people and situations that simply suck me dry? Where have I denied myself the simple pleasures that keep my soul moist and pliant? How am I going to move beyond the people-pleasing program? What actions am I going to take to reclaim the girl who loves to be happy?
I'm working on all of it because my physical well being depends on it. As does my happiness quotient. As does my ability to help and serve others. Nurturing myself through healthy boundaries, time to engage in activities I love, connecting with people who know how to give and receive, and yes, indulgence in chocolate and cheese, will reclaim the girl set off to the side. The girl I wish to be. The girl I am.


  1. Graciel, sometimes I read your words and think "has she been reading my mind?" Is she that perceptive? Of course I know it's not all about me (LOL!)but when I read this, I thought...this is exactly where I've been and continue to be, this year.

    I've been doing "the work" for the past 6 months and have found it takes a huge amount of determination, will power and commitment around my thought patterns and beliefs. I've made the commitment to do whatever it be, to allow and to let go reclaim my own "girl who loves to be happy".

    Thanks for your thoughts on this, it was just what my heart needed to hear.

  2. PS...this a beautiful picture of yourself and I love the colours you've wrapped yourself in...nurturing yet somehow exotic!

  3. I can provide the cheese...

  4. It is always a delicate balance between doing for yourself and doing for others, but we do need to nourish our own souls. We are able to choose to be happy. If my soul needs to hear music, to enjoy nature, to be quiet and listen for answers, to be lost in a book, whatever it is---it is important that I take care of that too. Be good to yourself, Graciel, you deserve it.


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