Monday, February 11, 2008

Streams Of Living Water

" Set out now, while you're strong, on the heart's vast plain:
You'll never discover joy on the plain of the body.
The heart is the only house of safety, my friends:
It has fountains, and rose gardens within rose gardens.
Turn to the heart and go forward, travelers of the night;
there's where you'll find trees and streams of living water."
My favorite mystic poet, RUMI


  1. "The heart is the only house of safety..."

    So many times..okay..make that most of the time I rush through things because..well..they need to be rushed..And unfortunately, in hindsight I usually realize the more important moments that I should have taken time when one of my kids asked me to sit with him and watch a particular funny film..I was busy and said "not now"...

    I know in my heart I should have sat there...

    At least now I'm learning that consciously living from the heart is the only real kind of living there is..

  2. Rumi is a very profound thinker. His words encourage us to reframe our perception and open our senses.


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