Sunday, February 03, 2008


Rise up. Unfurl. Bloom. Set your sights on living life and spread your heart wide open. Walk straight through the disease, the debt, the divorce, the death of someone you love. Walk through it because there is no getting around it, there is only getting through, one brave and determined step at a time. There is so much life to be lived and our traumas make us face the parts of ourselves that have never seen the light of day, much less the light of life. Walk straight through the trials and wait for your blood to start simmering again. It will. And when you feel the percolation in your heart, the renewed interest in life, rise up.

Rise up and open yourself to opportunities and connections that were too outside your narrow box to consider before trauma trampled your life. Open yourself to people and places and the purple hues of dawn. Welcome change because you have just survived change. Unfurl your hidden wings, your shimmering petals and grace the world with your true self.

Hold back nothing. Love with abandon, knowing love will never abandon you. Give your passions permission to thrive. Live your best life. Bloom for all the world to see.
{16 dawn-lit blooms on my orchid...what an inspiration!}


  1. wow! what a beautiful and powerful post! i loved the way you used your lyrical, so comforting, so supportive, so beautiful, beautiful indeed!

    i wanted to read more!

  2. You are a blooming poet
    my dear girl:)

  3. Just marvelous. Rise up! Don't let trials and sorrow let you stay down. Rise up! Very uplifting to know that through troubling times, you can still make it through.


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