Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bow To Yourself

You, in your sadness, in your darkness, in your fevered 3am lists of all that is wrong...
listen to me.
Lift your eyes from the floor.
Put your hands in prayer over your heart
and bow to yourself.
Bow again.
Whisper clearly to your own ears,
"I love you"
"I am here for you"
"I will never leave you".
You are everything.
Everything you will ever need to live the life
your heart cries out for.
You are complete
and Divine
and perfectly capable of making your dreams come true.
Just as you are in this moment.
Do not believe this...know this.
Know you are goodness.
Know you are valued.
Know your life matters.
Especially to God.
Bow to yourself everyday.

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  1. It is exactly 3am here in Marrakesh. And clearly I was "sent" here to read this post. Thank you, Graciel...


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