Monday, August 13, 2007

Serenity in the Chaos

My life feels a bit chaotic. Unsettled. Exhausting. I have not been able to calm myself down and breathe evenly. Sanity feels tenuous. The road ahead is unclear. But my lucid self knows the key to managing stress, the key to a joy-filled life lies in creating a vacuum of calm within while the chaos whirls outside. My lucid self also knows constant serenity is not possible on our daily planet, but is possible in my internal Universe. It knows the true marker of success in life is to carry a peaceful heart where ever my road takes me.
In an effort to gain clarity and raise the peace flag within, I have set myself down in the road. I have boiled some water for rose petal tea. I have lit the $20 candle I have been saving for God-knows-what. I have cued the crickets and now...I await your wisdom and your presence to sit with me, in the middle of the road, and share your secrets for keeping serenity in the chaos.


  1. When the weather permits, I love to be outside by myself and find a shady spot with some running water such as a river or stream near by. I don't do anything but sit, soak in the beauty of nature, and think.

    If it is winter and I am hunkered down, I like to cook some comfort food, like a warm stew or cinnamon-y apple crisp. The smells, warmth, and homey feeling give me a calm feeling.

    Those are my tricks, can't wait to read some others!

  2. susan@80O8/14/2007

    Lie on your back, head pillow-propped, with a cat on your chest.


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