Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Good Red Road

If you are a woman who bleeds every month, be aware of the gifts your body offers. Every month, just before the curse-which-is-not-a-curse flows through your life, pay close attention to your thoughts and emotions. Pay close attention to the angst and the anger and the frustration that roil the surface of your mind. Your body is offering you a sacred gift. It is the gift of truth.
What you have suppressed and denied and ignored for 3 or more weeks~ those inner dis satisfactions that muddy the whirl of activity you call your life~ come roaring back as the dam gets ready to burst. How you really feel about a close situation, or your marriage or your job or your home or your anything that has importance in your life is brought to the surface each month to be revealed. Brought to the surface to be uncovered, uncloaked and stand naked before you in the light of day. Not to torment you, not to taunt you, not to wound you all over again. Your emotions bring forth the crap you hide from yourself so you can see clearly. So you can be consciously aware of what holds you down and holds you back. So you can choose a different road and allow yourself to be healed, to be honored and to be more loved than you currently are.
So-called PMS is truth-serum. It is the road map to a more fulfilling life. Pay close attention to every thought that runs through your mind...those thoughts are worth gold. They are your soul speaking to you loudly and clearly about what you are doing or not doing to allow your highest possible good to shine forth in your life. Without that knowledge, without that information brought to your conscious awareness, no change for the better can be instituted.
If stress and quiet desperation mark your days, if you feel hopeless and helpless and feel yourself sinking, listen intently to yourself as each monthly gift knocks on your door and invites you to hear the truth. The answers to any question you might have about your own life, lie within you. And the answers show up regularly. Honor yourself by listening to your grumbles and fears and sobs. Do not dismiss them as nonsense or simply the inner bitch revealing herself. Your body speaks the truth to you and does its level best to help you create the love and the life you deserve.
Pay attention. Write your grievances down. Listen to your heart. Take action to heal yourself. Be selfish in a healthy way. Honor the truth that lives within you. Harness the power of the good red road and follow where it leads. It can only lead to more love, more peace and more lasting happiness than you have previously known.
Artwork by: Jia Lu.......isn't it beautiful???


  1. Anonymous8/08/2007

    Believeing that you are an inner-bitch is not the truth. That is what everyone else is telling you.
    You are exactly your own truth, your life, your own light.
    I love this commentary on PMS. It is a reflection on our truths and it is of UTMOST import that we, as individuals can recognize our own emotions and know when we are reacting unneccesarily. (Woman or man.) That is the key to forgiveness.

    Thank you!

  2. Hmmm, I don't know about this one.

    This basically says that take yourself at a time when you are perhaps more moody, and then cling onto any wild emotion you have during this time.

    Well I am not a woman, but I have had times when I was extra moody (sick, stressed, etc.) I have acted on emotions I have had during these moments, where I was perhaps blinded from reality by unchecked emotions.

    I hardly consider these moments to hold onto with lusty abandon. There sure as heck was nothing beautiful about them.

    I really think this posts real goal is to empower women through praising something that they are occasionally embarrassed or ashamed of.

    Well that is fine, but we have to be realistic. Begin unreasonable, or out of control of your emotions, I am not sure this is ever something to encourage or praise.

    My 2 cents.

    Tim McCormack - The Online Rental Marketplace

  3. Dear Tim,
    This post was not written for you or anyone else who deems the emotions of women to be unreasonable, out of control, shameful or anything to be embarassd about. This post was written to help even ONE lone woman to understand that beneath hormone driven emotions is the light of truth...and there is nothing shameful about any manner in which the Universe works to get us to know the truth in our lives.

    The more a woman listens to her own wisdom, even if it is disguised in anger or ranting, the more able she will be to serve her own good, and therefore the good of everyone around her.

    Perhaps if the woman or women in your life, Tim, received more praise or encouragement from you when they are NOT hormonal, you would fine she/they are less inclined to display uncomfortable emotions in your atmosphere when they ARE hormonal.

    Just my 2 cents reply.

    Thanks for reading my blog.


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