Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dead End Ahead

The road I have been walking down is slowly dissolving beneath my feet. The sign to my right warns of a dead end up ahead. This road is a familiar path. It offers safety and security and predictability. The passions and interests it offered, once upon a time, can no longer be cajoled to the surface. When inner passions become smoldering ash, when interests become watery and wane, the end of the known is nigh.
Nothing in my tangible world is igniting much passion. Any psychic worth her salt would be telling me a change is imminent. Because passion is the fuel of my daily life. Passion is what keeps me interested in the workings of this sumptuous world. Passion is what drives creativity out of my cells and onto the page, onto the canvas, onto the dinner plate. Passion is what keeps the smile on my lips and the evidence of caring in the tone of my voice. Without passion, the banquet of colors that define the natural world are tinted, ever so lightly, with too many shades of grey. And I am a woman in love with color.
This lack of passion and interest in familiar things is a Universal way of preparing me to let go of what has become my defined life. It is the signal to assess what is important, assess what I cannot do without, assess what are my core attractions and needs. It is the signal to look clearly at my known relationships and release any clutches that might exist. Because times, they are a changing. The next phase of my life is calling. The phase I have asked for without even defining.
So I look for clues on the dissolving path. I look for the deer-trail in the sideline shrubbery, offering the road less traveled. I look for the smallest spark of interest that flickers to my surface, hoping it will light my way. I look for and sense the vibrations of love, the energy of love, the color of love... for there will the next phase of my life unfold. There will fresh passions ignite, fresh interests pour forth and fresh adventures roll in ecstasy at my feet.
My eyes are open.
My arms are spread wide.
My knees rest squarely on the earth.
Come passion.
Come interest.
Come change.
Come love.
Come love.
Come love.


  1. You have put into words so wonderfully exactly what I am going through.


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