Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Ant, The Butterfly and Me

Yesterday was one of those rare and glorious days. Sunshine, blue sky, upper 70's, no humidity. And all the neighbors with swimming pools...gone. To celebrate, I spent the day in my backyard doing nothing. Just sitting on the grass, drawing in the green, grounding energy, watching the minutiae of nature and the complex simplicity of God.

Ants investigated my sandals, spiders navigated the crinkles of my skirt, small butterflies zig-zagged on the breeze, all while black and grey squirrels bombed my yard with shards of walnut shells. Families of purple martins twittered and swirled above the trees, cardinals sang and chipping sparrows tested their courage for seed with me mere feet away. Bees and wasps flew by. Flowers swayed in the breeze. This year's bunny made a singular scoot to the safety of a neighbor's shed.

I've needed a day where my attention is focused on nothing but the extraordinary in the ordinary, the wisdom of close-to-home nature, the poetic details of daily living. When life gets too complex, too exhausting or too stressful, the simplicity of grass and trees and open sky can soothe one's soul like little else. For there, in quiet evidence, is the hand of God directing the smallest detail. The ant, the butterfly and me.


  1. 'The grandeur of simplicity'is how I would describe what you have written. the pic with the blue sky is enchanting and under it my mind's eye see's the squirrels and butterflies before you and my ears hear the chirping of sparrows. Intimacy with Nature is the sole relief form the tensions and stress of modern urban living. You drive home your point.

  2. Anonymous7/23/2007

    Uhh, DREAMY.

    p.s. I am collecting walnuts shells to make ornaments, ESPECIALLY chewed and knawed by squirrels. Send them to my special Buffalo depository if you happen upon some.

  3. Your writing and photography is exquisitely delicious. Thank you!


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