Saturday, May 27, 2006

Speak Up

Here is Wolfgang. He is the living embodiment for me of paying attention to whom you end up next to~ on the subway, at the meeting, in line for groceries, at the restaurant. There is a metaphysical concept that declares: the one you end up next to or run into unexpectedly where ever you go, is some one who has something of importance to tell you. Or you for them. There is a needful opportunity for exchange that was set up by the Universe for each individual's betterment. A piece of your puzzle waiting to be divulged. The answer to the question you asked yourself that very morning. If only you would notice who you are next to and dare to start a conversation.

Wolfgang is the husband of one of my interpreter's classmates in Germany. He and his wife, Karin, took the 9 hour bus tour with us to see every sheep in Nordfreisland during the class reunion. At the end of the tour, we stopped at a fabulous restaurant/hotel in Husum for the obligatory afternoon cake and beverage. Wolfgang sat next to me. As was my standard practice, I whipped out the Pope (aka: the Beverage Meister) to have his picture taken with my pot of tea. Lo and behold, Wolfgang's favorite hobby in his retirement is the study of medieval history. Upon spying Innocent the 3rd, he launched into a half-hour long, broken-English dissertation on the full history of my beloved traveling companion. Evidently, Innocent was quite the influential man in his day. Wolfgang also talked about Egypt as it was just prior to the dawn of Christianity. We let everyone else in the class reunion take the guided tour of the hotel. Our conversation was too engrossing. We stayed behind to finish it.

What I found amazing was Wolfgang's knowledge of 2 things I was currently engrossed in. One: the Pope. Two: a hardcover book I dragged around Germany with me, The Jesus Papers, which delves extensively into just-pre-Christian Egypt. How did Wolfgang know? He didn't. But the all-knowing Universe did, and sat us together. Because Wolfgang spoke up and dared to cross the language barrier, he gave me one of the most memorable moments and pictures of my journey.

Moral of the story: Be aware. Speak up. Take the time.

Your very life could be altered for the better.

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