Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Duchess of Flensburg

The Pope returned home to much fan-fare from the prominent members of his flock. There were many stories to be told,laughs to be had, and token gifts to be handed out.

Among his ardent followers is none other than HRH The Duchess of Flensburg. The Duchess is a direct descendent of the Royal Court of Flensburg, Germany. For reasons that remain secret and suspect to this very day, the Family Flens was exiled to America. ( We suspect it had to do with the unproven notion that older women in the Family Flens had an unusual pension for wanting to marry young boys...but that is a matter we will leave for the German tabloids to sort out.) The Duchess, being among the Pope's favorites due to his love of riches and royalty, received the largest cache from the Fatherland. Among her treasures were goblets and crests of her homeland, as well as samples of her favorite medicine, Flensburger Pilsener. And due to the current Pope's recent leniency regarding the use of the 'love glove', our Duchess received her very own Felnsburger Pilsener condom. For a special occasion, preferably with a Duke of proper age. ( To get your own Duke of Love glove,

The Pope had a restful first week back. I, on the other hand, did not. Work was hectic, my sluggish immune system ordered up another cold and my cats have yet to finish scolding me for unwarranted abandonment.

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