Sunday, May 26, 2013

blank canvas

if you come to my door
you will be greeted
 with simple
with texture
 with a blank canvas on the wall.

because there is no image, no word
that defines the quality of the soul,
nor is there anything to be dragged
from one day to the next.

the blank canvas is
 the benediction and the prayer
of the now.


  1. a blank canvas is one of the most wonderful things in the world. i have had one (gessoed over) hanging in my hall for years.

    but that said, after so many years of very little art on the walls, i am seeing a change. paintings and photographs are propped and hung where once there was emptiness. my now is changing, and will no doubt change more/further/back. it will be interesting to watch yours change, in whatever way it may take.

    the same journey, different paths.
    xoxo xo

    1. i have plenty of paintings/photos on the walls inside my home, but it felt right to now walk out my door and face a blank canvas as mantra for the day ahead. very, very soothing on this journey...

      xxoxo my friend!


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