Sunday, October 28, 2012

this is what i imagine

this is what i imagine.

that when you pass from this world, a veil is lifted.
you are granted a view of what transpired in your life without the
tactics of filters, defensive measures, or oblivion.

some may call this judgement day.
some may call this hell.
some may call this sweet relief or heaven.

what i imagine it is, is simple truth.

truth that can set your soul free.
truth that allows you to make adjustments to your soul's path.
maybe even truth that grants you insight to your fondest relations.

i have sensed her trying to get my attention.
the 4 women in 1 day all wearing her black rain coat with beige trim and hood.
the singular chickadee and 3 male cardinals swooping into my yard.
the conversation with her niece at vinegar hill house.

i wonder if she sees me differently now.
i imagine it would be impossible not to.

just as i see her differently~ her secret and sentimental life revealed to me,
1 greeting card saved and 1 broach at a time.
her citizenship papers and locks of hair.

she is more to me than ever.
i now know our relationship continues.
we are miners of each other,
scratching for gold with silvered forks
and i imagine, finding it.


  1. This is beautiful, dear kindred.

    I continue you to hold you close in Spirit as your grief journey evolves.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely discovery with us. It gives hope to my weary soul.

  2. i read this a couple of hours after you posted it. i still have no words except yes and i know.

    love you.

  3. this breaks my heart for your pain and the journey you have been on. and yes, she is there.

    it also breaks my heart as an amazing piece of writing.

    "we are miners of each other,
    scratching for gold with silvered forks
    and i imagine, finding it."




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