Tuesday, September 04, 2012

the dark lady

if you ask me if i have slept well, i have not.
for a month.
except for last night, finally.
exhaustion has settled in.

if you ask me how i am doing, i do not know.
there is nothing to compare this time to,
this time where my mother is gone.

if you ask me where she is now,
that is what i find so difficult, painful, heart-wrenching.
do not placate me with platitudes of heaven.
i want science.
~an explanation of where does life-energy go when it transforms.

if i call out to her now, does she hear me?

i question if there was anything more i could have done.

but now, just now, it is not mine to know.

i let the dark lady take me and shape me in quiet despair.
i lay down in her realms of night and endings and death,
blind on the path to reconceiving myself.

i wait to be born anew.


  1. Anonymous9/04/2012

    Ah, yes, the dark lady... <3

    After many deaths, I read Chopra's Life After Death, and it contains a LOT of interesting science, Dear Graciel, and it helped me SO MUCH.

    Sending light and love.

  2. i have gathered a few things for you, including a quote or two, hopefully to be off your way in the next day or so. the box will not include answers. i wish i could find one to tuck inside. i only have opinions and beliefs and my own experiences. i could say things, but . . . you will know. as you said, just now is not the time.

    you are being born anew. soon - the gasp of air.

  3. All I can send are hugs through the air. I hope you capture them and hold them close.

  4. i wish there were words, and answers, and comfort.

    i send you hug after hug after hug.


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