Tuesday, July 17, 2012

the dragonfly view

on the way

almost there



in these days of other mothers dying and the ache from too much work, there is the lake, little and spring fed. there is the family who shares the good fortune with open invitation and the reluctant bathing suit, avoided for decades, finally bought (all of 5 minutes spent picking it out, because at this age who cares anyway). 

and the noodles. pink and green from dollar general. 

it took substantial time to get in. this is not my element, swimming. 

but noodling, oh noodling (!), with dearest family paddling along, the lake to be crossed, then shores to be trolled, dragonfly view with lips submerged, kicking, kicking, unhurried, wet, soothed, paradise found.

at last, paradise found.


  1. Anonymous7/17/2012

    I love that picture of you. And that lake is gorgeous. And I hope you are well...you must come for a visit some time. Autumn? :)

  2. Anonymous7/17/2012

    Hooray for paradise found! Adorable photo. :)
    SO glad you are finding the Earth medicine you need.

  3. Oops! Clicked too soon!

    That was my comment! :)

  4. oh girl. i too am a noodler - nothing better than just letting your toes dangle, losing the weight of the world on your shoulders, letting those little noodles hold it all for you.

    LOVE that picture. love it! and you!!!

  5. I want to be there, right now!!

    BTW.... you look beautiful, and with a bit of a sultry expression.. was wondering if you're daydreaming of a certain Turkish singer?? Just sayin'!! :)

    p.s. Sweet daydreams!

  6. Anonymous7/27/2012

    yes! more noodling time soon, please. xxoo


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