Monday, May 14, 2012

Carry Me Onward

mangrove tunnel

kayaking in mangrove

so many wildlife sightings, of late

busy, busy, busy with flowers

finding the beauty in the tangle

Where to even begin? Here in the middle of May, my year has been very full. Aside from my busier-than-ever full time job, I have spent the lion's share of my time facilitating the first run of my online course about finding and honoring 3 levels of home. The months of preparation and the actual 8 weeks of the course lifted my soul above the fray in ways I can barely describe. All the participants were magnificent. Since the end, I am changed and contemplative. I am empty and full. I sit in silence a lot.

I am at home with myself like I have never been before. But growth is eternal, so new ways and ideas of home are evolving daily. Nature has always played an important role in the quality of my life and the balance of my psyche, yet suddenly the importance has accelerated. I am keeping a nature journal again and its pages are filling up rapidly. It has become the map to carry me onward. 

In the midst of all this, I went on a whirlwind trip to Florida to swim with the wild manatees (I did, indeed, stroke one full length under water), kayak among mangroves and play with abandon with my beloved cousin. And my Mother was dismissed from oncology care. She is now in the long-term care of the wonderful people from hospice. We are fully into the next phase of her journey with cancer and it is now all about comfort and love. Tears of sorrow and tears of healing are flowing. Hope and acute gratitude rule each day.

A part of me wants to stop everything and just sit under a tree with tea and the cacophony of birds. I need to digest and integrate these past monumental months. I will have to do this in snippets because heart-felt duty and rivers of ideas keep coming on. There is another online course begging for life in my brain and more magazine issues have been requested.  My Mother takes priority now, but there is magic moving in from the periphery, as well.

I am letting the birds and the flowers and the foxes carry me onward.


  1. oh, graciel. they wll carry you forward, in ways you can't see right now. and us too. it's one big boat and we're on the river and we'll take up the oars for you. you sit up there in the front with your mom and toss petals into the water, and giggle and talk and hold each other close.

    sending you softness and strength.

    i love you.

  2. Anonymous5/15/2012

    SO many ((hugs)) of LOVE coming your way, Dear Kindred. My heart of hearts is with you in the spaces where you find yourself these days.

  3. This piece brought tears to my eyes. I hope you continue to stay strong, be adventurous, and care for your mom with all the love in your heart. Be kind to yourself.

  4. sending more hugs, more love, strength if you need it. tea under a tree as well.


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