Sunday, May 27, 2012

Be Your Own Reprieve

Lotus Bay, the NY shores of Lake Erie

It has been a time of too much. Too much work, too many demands, too many emotions to process. I have turned inward and found my reprieve.

I am good food and early to bed. I am diligent nature journal and early to rise. I am seated on the floor with tarot and tea. I am cat adoration and silence. I am new-found love of water. Ideas and inspirations and I-wonder-ifs abound. There are treasures too numerous to name when duty is done and the world is decidedly held at bay.

It is such a beautiful world when news and broken things are ignored. There are secret coves of goodness lapping at our shores, calling us to wade~ ankle-deep or full-body plunge~ into their healing waters. Turn inward, I tell you. Every now and then. Decide you've had enough and make it so.

Shun the forecast, the propaganda, the orchestrated chaos bent on mass control. Get your ankles wet. Dive headlong into the pleasure of what calls you deeply. Swim in the cove that bears your true name, where time is enriched and stands perfectly still. Refresh yourself, body and soul, with the activities and style of rest that heals you.

Find a way to balance the chaos. Be your own reprieve.


  1. Anonymous5/28/2012

    Ahh...this is so beautiful and perfect I have nothing to add or say...I will just re-read it...

  2. Anonymous5/28/2012

    Amen. So beautiful! And perfectly timed!

    I took a sick day off work today...a MUCH needed reprieve.

    Glad you are finding your own solace, Dear Kindred.

  3. Now you know why~~~~
    Beautifully said and photgraphed~~

  4. I. Need. This.

    Thank you, anam cara.


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