Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the black cat sings

The mischief maker, he's worried. Render of window screens,chewer of cardboard, destroyer of lamps~ his bravado flies out the tear in the screen when the carrier sits at the door, poised for entrapment to the vet.

He'll cry like a baby the whole way  there. He'll cry louder when we arrive. He'll scold me the whole way home.

But, no matter. I'll gladly take his fuss and live with his exuberant destruction.

He grounds me, you see, especially in times of trouble.

And these are times of trouble, filled with impending loss.

Yet, there is gain to be found in the small moments of each day~ the breeze and the pillars of clouds; the rabbit that hops close thinking I am part of the scene; the hummingbird that mistakes my pink shirt for a flower;  the cat~ at home once more, in a different window~ crying to me of his supposed neglect.

There is no trouble. Loss has not come. The black cat sings.

Tucked in to these moments~ the small, small moments~ gain and goodness abound.


  1. Pets can be such a comfort. We think we are kept busy caring for them, while we often don't realize they are taking care of us as well. They love us back when we most need it. Lovely post, Graciel. :)

  2. omg - this image is hilarious! poor thing.

    and ps - hold onto the small things. xoxo

  3. those eyes! seriously mirrored in the stuffed kitty, that is perfect.

    I'm with debi, hold onto the small things, the precious things, the goodness.


  4. Yes, that photo did make me chuckle too. Oh I know that look for sure. But you just have to love them. I am so happy the black cat sings for you. They do bring comfort in times of great sorrow.

    Thanks for visiting me for my Dollhouse of the month. I think this is my favorite so far too. Now my mind is trying to come up with a house for August. I have an idea for December; so I have a few months inbetween to figure out. I might have to get the paints out, I haven't painted in many years.

  5. he does look like a wee bit of a troublemaker there! you are lucky to have him. there's something about being friends with a troublemaker that is oddly comforting.

    wishing you peace, dear friend.


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