Wednesday, July 20, 2011

52 Photos Project~ July 20th

"The table at mealtime" for 52 photos project.

Of course, I'm cheating.
This is no table setting of the week for me.
No surface that has held my food of late
~ the floor, the counter top, the computer desk~
is worth documenting or sharing.
They're barely clean, those make-shift tables.
And what's so interesting about
carrots and blueberries and nuts?

No, let me cheat and show you a table
I dined at almost 2 years ago
on the edge of the Marmara sea.
A table that made a memory and held a fantasy
and changed the course of my days.


  1. Fantastic! I could see myself dining there :)

  2. Wonderful photo - I can see how that could have become a great memory!

  3. This made me smile. Yes, a table by the sea does sound like one that would make a memory. :-)

  4. I love the clips holding the tablecloth in place.

  5. What a rich and rewarding memory that would make. Reminds me of "The Bachelor" episodes where the romantic table set for two is on the beach by the surf or on a terrace looking out over the vineyard with the sunset in the background.

  6. Your photo is wonderful and your words left me with a magical mental picture of your priceless memory.

  7. Definitely a photo and memory worth revisiting! And now I want to know more of the story (plus, what did you eat in this lovely setting?)

    xo Lis

  8. I'm totally up for a little fantasy right now...

  9. a table by the sea sounds pretty delicious, but i love the vision of you with your hands full of nuts & blueberries. my favorite meals are meals i can eat with my fingers, plate balanced on my lap while i sit on the couch and watch the outdoors. one day we will do this together. you will laugh at the smallness of my home, but you will be laughing with me.



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