Monday, May 02, 2011

Have Gnome, Will Travel

My beloved Oma was partial to garden gnomes. When she died last October, I rescued 5 of her gnomes and gave them prestigious plots in and around my home. Because Oma can't come with my Mom and me to Germany this time, I've invited Cedric to come along as her proxy. Luckily, he's the traveling sort with an over-sized passport and sensible suitcase.

Oma, I think, would be pleased. Cedric, for sure, is excited. Marzipan, warm ale, and a taste of smoked eel are high on his culinary list. And he's itching to sway to an accordion's lilt while wearing short, leather pants.

Wir ist gonna have some fun.

And on another happy note, my magazine, The Soul In Bloom~ spring issue, is on sale from  now until Mother's day. Who doesn't love a sale? To order your cheaper-than-usual copy, go HERE.


  1. Anonymous5/02/2011



    <3 Have a beautiful trip! <3

  2. Rocken sie on! Have a blast!!

  3. You are so funny, and so cute! You must take pictures of him at each place you visit...
    The Chronicles of Cedric :)

  4. ~Penny5/07/2011

    Although I didn't get the chance to wish you a proper "bon voyage", you and your mom have definitely been in my thoughts these last few days.
    Memories of this Mother's Day meal shared with your mom in the blue and white room overlooking the North Sea will remain etched in your mind and soul forever. You are an amazing daughter!

  5. Without new experiences, something inside of us sleeps. The sleeper must awaken.


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