Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Soul In Bloom~ issue #1

{visiting my aunt in the hospital~ 2 fresh blooms, 1 magazine}

Today, a dream is launched. After writing steadily on this blog for 5 years, I am taking my words and pictures into the 3rd dimension. I am indulging my love of magazines and creating my own. Today, I offer you The Soul In Bloom~ spring issue , the first in a 4 part series of keepsake magazines. There will be one issue for each season, based on the highlights of my 5 year odyssey here at Evenstar Art.

I have taken my most needful and broadly applicable essays and paired them with spring photographs. The pages of the magazine are uncluttered, fresh and easily readable. I want the messages of hope and love and encouragement to stand out. I want this magazine to uplift and give courage to any one who reads it or simply flips through the pages. I want this magazine to make a difference in how some one feels about life and themselves. I want it to be a reminder that love is ever-present, no matter what.

It is not a perfect offering. It is not a money-maker. It is a thread in my tapestry of wishing to add more beauty and goodness to this shared life. It is an antidote to the fear given center stage in our world. It is born of my need to contribute. I created this for you.

This is a print-on-demand magazine. It will cost $14.95 + shipping. I would be honored if you felt compelled to buy it. I would be fulfilled if you kept it and referred back to it in times of need. I would be grateful if you shared the magazine and the link to purchase it with others. 

To purchase a copy of The Soul In Bloom, go HERE.

{Thank you to Kelly Letky of The Blue Muse for her invaluable graphic design help in creating this first issue.}


  1. Woot! How cool is that! Congratulations, Graciel. :-)

  2. just bought mine...although I do expect an autograph Sister Blue :) I am so happy that others have the opportunity to hold your beauty in their hands.

  3. Yay! I am so glad that others will be able to read your lovely words and see your beautiful pictures. It really is a very special book.

  4. I'm so thrilled that you made a magazine! I just bought my first copy and though I've only seen the digital version so far, it is absolutely wonderful. I know it's going in my baby girl's keepsake box for when she's older. I will probably have to come back and order a few more copies for friends and family. Thanks so much for creating this for your readers! I've been wanting something like this from you for years :)

  5. what?! how awesome are you?

  6. HOLY SH*T!!!

    This is INCREDIBLE!!!!

    I am SOOOOOOOO happy for and proud of you!!!!!!

    This brings fantastic sunshine and hope to my day.

  7. i will be beautiful I know .. like you!!

  8. What a brilliant and bold undertaking...I'm in awe of your go-gettem-ness!!! A beautiful offering for the world. Well done Graciel. xoxo

  9. Anonymous4/09/2011

    I read, and am inspired by, your blog regularly but have never commented. However, I want to let you know that I just ordered your magazine, and I can't wait to get it!! thank you for putting this together. I'm one of those who still likes to have a book or magazine in my hands to savor.

  10. Cathy~
    Thank you with all my heart.

    xo, Graciel


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