Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Prayer Box

Words have power.
Prayers have power.
Invoke the help of the Universe
by placing your written prayers
and requests in the prayer box.
Place the box in a sacred spot
and allow your words to aid and heal.
The prayer box helps bring your prayers to fruition.
And so my little dream of having an online outlet to sell my inspirational art moves forward. My Etsy store is now open: http://www.graciel.etsy.com/. For those of you not yet familiar with Etsy, it is the place to buy and sell all things hand made. Wonderful, beautiful, unusual offerings from artists and craftspeople all over the world. Unlike eBay, it is not an auction format. Prices are set by the artists. My buying experiences on Etsy have been nothing but flawless. It is a pristinely run site. Now, fingers crossed, my selling experiences will be the same.
My quest with this blog has been to offer up hope and love and positive words to any and all who shared a few moments of their time with me. My quest with my art is the same. To offer up hope and love and something positive that can be held in the hands. Because I believe so strongly in the power of the spoken and written word, because I know from experience that prayers and affirmations work, Prayer Boxes are a first, natural, creative melding with my blog.
Each Prayer Box is one-of-a- kind. Some of my own blog posts appear as background layers to my original photographs, altered though they might be. Butterflies are common, as they help give wings to the prayers held in the box. And each box has a small rose quartz heart glued inside. Rose quartz is known at the love stone. It's presence ensures all prayers are infused with the energy of love.
My own prayer box has held my wishes and requests since the first of this year. I have it placed under a lamp so my prayers are lit whenever possible. Already, prayers are being answered. Already, my dreams have more focus.
And so dear Universe, take this offering of hope and love and let it serve the highest possible good for any and all who believe in the sacred power of prayer.


  1. susan@80o4/16/2008

    I love my prayer box! You have become impressively prolific in the making of these boxes, and I am so happy to see the pictures of so many. Your charm-filled prayer boxes are a perfect, creative, uplifting, and unique gift. KUDOS!

  2. Congratulations on the opening of your store,love! your prayer boxes look absolutely beautiful! x

  3. This is a fabulous idea...
    I am daydreaming about placing them in random public places, giving hope to those in need because the Lord truly does answer prayers. Congratulations on your new project!

  4. I am an etsy addict. I freely admit it. Great idea! Would you be willing to customize? I wish you great luck on your endeavor!!!

  5. Dear Janice,

    Of course, I would be happy to customize! An email conversation is all it would take and a resulting "reserved for" listing on etsy.

    Thanks for the good wishes!

    xo Graciel

  6. Your prayer boxes are beautiful! I will check them out at your store.
    I pray this will be a blessing to many others as you are a blessing to us! Thank you Graciel for sharing your God~given talents in such an inspiring way!


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