Monday, April 07, 2008

3 Cups Of Tea

Simply put, this is the most important book of our times. Read it. Absorb its message. Pass it on. This is the story of an American man, Greg Mortenson, who, since the early 1990's, has selflessly worked to build 55 schools in the remotest parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan. His schools promote education and literacy, especially for girls, in an area of the world that has been an easy target for the brainwashing tactics of militant extremists. The key to dowsing the flames of terrorism is the education of children. The key to promoting peace on a world wide scale is the education of girls.
If we Americans are to effectively decrease our own angst and feelings of insecurity on the world stage, fighting terrorism from a military standpoint is not the final answer. As Greg Mortenson demonstrates with his blood, sweat and tears, the most effective means to ensure our security is to build relationships with other cultures and offer up the death of ignorance through education.
One student at a time, one school at a time, one consistently paid teacher at a time, the world will enlighten itself. Stop watching the flame-fanning news and read Three Cups Of Tea. It will give you hope. It will give you answers. It will give you ways to contribute and make a difference in the quest for world peace.
Not 5 minutes after finishing the book, I went to the 3 Cups of Tea website, , and made the largest single donation I have ever felt compelled to make. This was the comment I made that went along with my contribution:
"Just this moment, I finished your book. My face is still wet from tears of joy and gratitude. The empowerment of girls and women as the key to world peace is uppermost in my heart. Please use what little I can offer today in the best manner for the highest possible good.
Blessings and continued protection in this most important mission, Graciel of Buffalo, NY."
Let's reduce our own ignorance and learn about other cultures and their needs. Let's follow the example of one extraordinary man in any way we can. Singular help matters. Singular efforts count. Singular efforts multiplied will change the world.
Three Cups Of Tea: Read it. Absorb it. Pass it on.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation Graciel. I've heard of this book several times in the last month or so and it's been on my "to read" list, but I'm going to actually take it off the list and read it now.

  2. I'm about twenty pages into the book and already I can tell I'm going to love it...It is for our book club and the cousin who picked the book was so moved by it
    she wasen't even the person to pick the book but asked to go was so important to her for all of us to read it now...


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