Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Christmas Wish For You

This Christmas, if you have lost someone dear to your heart, I wish for you 3 moments of peace amid the sadness. Just 3 small moments where the pain recedes and the presence of your loved one is palpable in the glow of white lights.

This Christmas, if you are alone, I wish for you the knowledge that God is always with you. Stillness and candle flame and a quiet mind will invoke for you whispers in your heart that confirm your worth and love-ability. Be still until you hear "I love you, Child" at the very edges of your awareness. Know you are never truly alone.

This Christmas, if you spend it with family, forgive everyone their foibles and dare to see them as individual human beings doing their best to live a valued life. Just one day of removing judgements and "shoulds" and expectations, just one short day of seeing them exactly as they are, will produce miracles. In you.
This Christmas, if you receive everything on your list, or you receive nothing on your list, or you had no list to begin with, I wish for you the most over-looked and critical gift that exists. Your breath. And its continued flow. Without your breath and the life-animating force it carries, you would have no lists to enjoy or aspire to or choose to never write.

Breathe deep the scents of the season. Breathe deep the love that time and space cannot erase. Breathe deep the God-force within and around you. Breathe deep the miracle of forgiveness. This Christmas, inhale love. Exhale peace.

{Ornament image is a stock photo}


  1. Such beautiful thoughts and wishes...thank you for these reminders of grace and love and life.

  2. What a very generous soul you are. I am going to try to take your words to heart regarding forgiving people their foibles. And I will hope that they will forgive mine, too.

    Merry Christmas to you.

  3. you are such a beautiful soul.... merry christmas to you, dear G xo

  4. And this Christmas I wish the very same for you...

    May everything you wish for..may all the desires of your heart magically appear before you day after day after day...

    love to you..

  5. You have such a luminous heart ~
    I just think you are wonderful!

    I am sending out your necklace
    tomorrow ~ it is not perfect ~
    I am just learning so it is a gift:)



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