Sunday, December 10, 2006


Coincidence is defined as "an accidental occurrence of events or ideas at the same time". There is no such thing. Events or ideas that appear to be tied together by an invisible string and dangled into our waking lives are not accidents. They are not meer coincidences to be dismissed as unexplainable quirks in the space-time continuum. What we may call a coincidence is actually the voice of God speaking to us, attempting to get our attention and send us an important message. A message that could very well change our lives.

Think of coincidental events and happenings as a road map. A bread-crumb trail. A pathway to a better, more fulfilling life. God is constantly speaking to each of us, leading us down the road, the trail, or the path towards opportunities that would make us infinitely more blissful and balanced. Infinitely more healthy and wealthy. If we would only pay attention. If we would only acknowledge God's subtle language with a response. If we would only muster up the courage to set foot on the road, the trail, or the path that opens up before us when faced with a synchronistic meeting of ideas or people or events.

Next time you think of someone out of the blue and 2 hours later run into them at the gas station or Target, have the courage to approach them and start a conversation. Especially if starting that conversation feels uncomfortable. There is something important that each person has to say to the other. Some puzzle piece or bread crumb that each person holds for the other's life path. Somehow, the other person will have an answer or idea or tidbit of wisdom to bestow that will be more than timely. God loves to speak to us through each other and will arrange often-unlooked-for meetings to get Its message delivered. To lead us to better lives. However, we are regularly so engrossed in our mundane routines that we miss the connections or simply dismiss the opportunities and chance meetings as unimportant.

Every coincidental happening is important. If suddenly images of polar bears are everywhere we turn, or a book is mentioned to us 3 times in one week or a person stays stuck in our minds, don't dismiss this. Follow it. We must keep our eyes and ears wide open. We must ask God for clarity on what that bear or book or person has to tell us that applies to our lives right now. We must take action to get the answers. Google polar bears, read the book or contact the person. One tiny spark of information that comes from that source will impact our lives. Always for our betterment. Always for our highest good.

When we become awake to all the "coincidences" that happen to us every day of every year, when we dare, through conscious action, to follow the map laid out before us, our lives will improve. Our self-esteem will improve. Our hearts will lighten and we will feel what it is to lay in the palm of God's loving Hand.

{This post has been brought to you by a new computer, dressed in black, complete with a sexy, slim 17" monitor. Happy Holidays to me!}

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  1. Lowell Shepard12/14/2006

    What a great piece of writing Graciel. I so agree with you. I know that my own path has also been blessed with many so-called coincidences and as my journey continues I have no doubt that I will be blessed with many more coincidences.

    I say blessed because this sort of guidance truly is spiritual guidance. How can anyone pass up spiritual guidance? Hopefully, I’ll never know. I cannot even imagine anymore what my life would be like without my spiritual guidance. Talk about feeling alone! Wow, that would really be a lonesome life.

    So, I'm grateful for the so-called coincidences that have blessed my path with such vibrant colors simply because I elected to build the bridge of Faith and I dared to accept those so-called coincidences with an open mind. I then Patiently allowed those so-called coincidences to blossom into such beautiful mind catching, heart stopping colors that continued to color my world.

    Incidentally, these wonderful blessing are now so strong in my life that they continually spill over onto the lives of others and oh my, I do nothing to stop it, lol. My, my, my how wonderful life can be if we just stop…

    Great job Graciel, you are truly a blessing in the flesh.

    Thank God and bless you all!

    Rev. Lowell Shepard


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