Sunday, February 17, 2013

6 months in

This life. This Odyssey. 6 months in from the turning point I still can barely speak of~ the holiness and little horrors. The days and days of silent contemplation, the willing tumble down the pit of despair. Seeing the world completely and breath-takingly new.

All the dramas; 97% meaningless. The gossip; utterly juvenile. The chest-thumping victimhood; get up and get on with it, for god's sake. My tolerance for disrespect has vanished.

What shines important for me may not shine for you. But turning away from beauty, from love to engage in the spittle of the over-inflated lives of strangers makes no sense to me at all, at 6 months.

I sit in my nest, wrapped in soft browns, and wonder how I will ever fit in again. Then, I realize, I never did and what a relief it is to stop trying. Those that resonate will simply show up. Some are already here.

Mundane holiness is the way. Love, the only real purpose.

This life.This Odyssey. 6 months in.


  1. i am here, and i am almost 2 years in, and today i can only send my love and let you know i am here. these dates are only numbers, but they are our hearts.


  2. Poignant and beautiful. Your Truth speaks volumes of being forever changed by loss, grief.
    There is simply *no*room* for what no longer matters. And LOVE fills those long-awaited empty spaces.
    Bless you for surrendering to this life-altering change.
    I'm right there with you.


    1. Thank you, Dear Kindred, for such understanding. Bless you completely in your own journey of transition and rebirth. xoxo

  3. The emotion and feel of this post is significant. I makes me think. Thanks! Take care!


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