Sunday, November 04, 2012

a turn of the page

my brother and me, dueling cakes~ we are scorpios

i was dreading my birthday. now i am not.

plans have been made to stave off the sorrow~ dinner with friends beforehand, a lunch date with dad,
a gypsy king, prepping for draft horses.

and cake. because from a very young age it has been a favorite food group, helped on by a mother who excelled in confections.

i boldly asked for one to be made for me, by a friend who could shame martha stewart. dense orange cake with marmalade filling, slathered with orange buttercream. heaven and guaranteed moaning at first bite.

let a new chapter commence. let me tuck her firmly in my heart and create a new year for myself of stories worth telling and life lived with eyes wide open.


  1. your tongue looks so happy!!!! i love that picture. and the description of that cake. and the idea of a gypsy king. ;-)


  2. Congratulations to you sweet lady. Have lots of that friends cake. Enjoy the fact that you're being spoiled rotten.
    Happy Birthday Graciel.
    Hugs Dagmar

  3. Beautiful!

    MUCH LOVE & LIGHT to you, dear Kindred, as you begin the next chapter of your wide-eyed, heart-whole Journey!


  4. very well written. loved it!

  5. let there be cake, always, let there be cake.

    i hope it was as delicious as it sounds. here's to your new year.



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