Wednesday, April 11, 2012

52 Photos Project~the beauty outside my door

The cherry blossoms came 5 weeks early this year.
And then the temperatures dropped.
It was too cold for the bees.

Bees make the difference in so many things we eat.
Without them, we are lost.

Like the cherry crop that will be less than it's ever been,
come July.

Of beauty and the bee~ for Bella


  1. Those are the best ever. I love blossom like this. You made my heart smile my dear.

    Hope things are fine! Wonderful spring hugs Dagmar

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the beauty around you.

  3. Absolutely exquisite pics ~ Wow! ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  4. The tree is dressed for a wedding!

  5. I like how they wind around the tree. Pretty.

  6. These are so pretty! I love the bright colors.

  7. your flower photos are quite gorgeous.
    Sorry to hear about it being too cold for the bees....
    spring is slowly unfolding here in NW MT.

  8. what gorgesou pink blooms

  9. Gorgeous! Spring did come too early this year. At least now, it really does feel like spring. Hopefully, next year it will right again.

  10. this makes me sad for those bees, sad for those cherries that will not arrive. but there will be next year, another chance.
    these photos are lovely.

  11. Lovely and sweet spring!

  12. one of my favorite things in the world to shoot, cherry blossoms.

    ours are early as well...shame really. my lilac bushes are suffering from the early thaw and refreeze as well.

    lovely photo, love the many shades of white and pink.


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