Friday, December 21, 2012

Advent {day 21}

What if the world was ending today?

Have you forgiven the trespasses?
Let go of the grudges?

Have you walked barefoot in the rain?
Given enough compliments and kudos?

Have you told yourself
I Love You
10,000 times?

Clean your slate.
Be one of the helpers.
Roll in the grass.

Leave a legacy of good in this way-too-short life.


  1. my God! this image is gorgeous! gorgeous!

    i admit i haven't forgiven enough, or that i haven't forgotten those things i have forgiven. but i have walked barefoot in the rain and i have complimented and well - there is still much work to do. work that i will call play.


  2. i remember this photo :) it's just perfect for this message. it's too cold to roll in the grass just now, but if we get enough snow, i promise to make a snow angel. xoxo

    p.s. yes, i did have a muff, once.


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